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favour / одолжение, благосклонность, расположение
имя существительное
favor, service, kindness, good offices, favour
favor, grace, propitiousness, favour
disposition, arrangement, position, layout, propensity, favor
favor, foster, advantage, prosper, serve, smile on
support, maintain, endorse, sustain, encourage, favor
favor, favour
имя существительное
an attitude of approval or liking.
the legislation is viewed with favor
an act of kindness beyond what is due or usual.
I've come to ask you a favor
feel or show approval or preference for.
slashing public spending is a policy that few politicians favor
(often used in polite requests) give someone (something that they want).
please favor me with an answer
resemble (a parent or relative) in facial features.
she's pretty, and she favors you
treat (an injured limb) gently, not putting one's full weight on it.
he favors his sore leg
Now there is a chance for all those organisations and individuals who have availed of their services down through the years to return the favour .
he was accused of showing favour to one of the players
Some politicians favour a graduate tax, which students pay back once they start earning a set amount following completion of their course.
It is still based upon favour with no relevance whatever to competence or effectiveness.
I've come to ask you a favour
If you're unable to oblige, then the reason why you can't grant the favour should be very good.
Do me a favour and stop pretending you know me, because you don't.
Of course what they really meant was, ‘Do me a favour .’
Do us a favour while you're here: visit my campaign website and sign the petition.
slashing public spending is a policy that few politicians favour