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fave / fave
I find the following in an interview with a fave celebrity crush to be a turn-on.
my fave team has to be Nottingham Forest
He's coming back to the mother country armed with lots of new songs as well as a bunch of old crowd faves .
The language of the hymn held a subversive appeal for the working classes, and her ribald treatments of these school assembly faves is irresistible.
‘Here Comes The Sun’ and ‘Old Brown Shoe’ were a couple of my faves .
They offered over a hundred daily comic strips and once you'd set up a free account, one single URL would bring up all of your faves on one page.
The menu changes weekly, but you can expect unexpected combinations and traditional faves , with prices hovering around the #2.95 mark.
I applaud his continued enthusiasm for loud, guitar-based rock music, and hope he continues to champion his faves .
I've trawled through all the usual faves .
A screen showed some odd home movies and clips while the Beasties disappeared again, only to re-emerge in orange tracksuits to play another huge bracket of old and new faves .