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faux / фо
имя прилагательное
made in imitation; artificial.
a string of faux pearls
Unlike his earlier excursions into faux political commentary, these seem to be based on incidents that were all too real.
This faux outrage wouldn't get first place in an 8th grade talent show.
I don't want cute little sayings stamped into the faux leather.
Unabashedly direct, the productions revel in their own faux facade with an almost conspiratorial glee.
The charm and winning portrayal cannot support the weight of predictability, unrealism, and faux sentimentality.
Here he screams at my friend Stephanie's faux pregnant belly.
Despite her faux humbleness, the rants and abnormalities look set to continue.
Edgestitch along the overlapped edges of each faux suede section.
Add faux stitching around the edges of the dress with a fine tip marker.
One easy way to personalize your room is to use faux painting, which creates texture or visual interest.