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faust / faust
имя существительное
( died circa 1540 ) , German astronomer and necromancer. Reputed to have sold his soul to the Devil, he became the subject of dramas by Marlowe and Goethe, an opera by Gounod, and a novel by Thomas Mann.
But little by little, the Faustian fantasy shrinks away and the illusion of anticipating the future becomes an unceasing effort to foresee its perils.
Patriarchy strikes a Faustian bargain with men.
If that is true, then the shared communion has become a Faustian bargain.
Knowing that the cosmos was of divine origin and moved according to the will of God, some men embraced that Faustian spirit that wanted to know more.
He's the maker of the Faustian bargain that is bound to end badly.