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faulty / неисправный, ошибочный, неправильный
имя прилагательное
faulty, defective, wrong, improper, crank, cranky
erroneous, wrong, mistaken, false, faulty, fallacious
wrong, incorrect, improper, irregular, abnormal, faulty
имя прилагательное
working badly or unreliably because of imperfections.
a car with faulty brakes
When finally she spoke, the logic sounded faulty even to her.
Common causes of warping include faulty installation or defective manufacture of the siding.
He also identifies irrational beliefs and faulty reasoning that may lead to poor marriage decisions.
That accident, which again involved a truck with faulty brakes, left three people injured and damaged 10 parked vehicles.
Their driving assumptions were often drawn from flawed information or based on faulty logic.
Should software makers be made more accountable for damage caused by faulty programs?
The agency workers will look for defects such as sub-standard tyres, faulty lights and exhausts.
Yet another reason for faulty divinations simply lies with the diviner making mistakes of interpretation.
No re-test fee will apply for minor defects such as faulty light bulbs.
I think this is faulty reasoning - relying on a single biological attribute rather than a range.