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faultless / безупречный, безошибочный, беспорочный
имя прилагательное
irreproachable, flawless, perfect, impeccable, blameless, faultless
unmistakable, infallible, unerring, faultless, surefire, sure
blameless, irreproachable, faultless
имя прилагательное
free from defect or error.
your logic is faultless
One of them in my opinion is the most faultless and fundamentally perfect fighter of all time.
His style is technically faultless and his use of electronic sounds makes his style unique among Irish DJs.
That aside, and bearing in mind that my vehicles were brand new, the cars' poise and agility are almost faultless .
It only means that our good tendencies are not complete or infallible, that we are not faultless automata.
Her voice is faultless every time, and the dance routine is tight.
It's a faultless example of organized crime's ability to horrify us and enthral us at the same time.
We need a goal, and most of all we need a faultless role model who inspires us to do our best to reach that goal.
Consequentially, a small but vocal minority has emerged, apparently bent upon poking holes in her faultless public image.
She said that while operations and surgeons were on the whole faultless , criticism stemmed from a lack of aftercare and poor hygiene.
The technology would also have to be faultless or foolproof.