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fault / вина, неисправность, ошибка
имя существительное
fault, guilt, blame, vina
fault, defect, disrepair, disturbance
error, mistake, fault, flaw, fallacy, miscarriage
carp, find fault, fault, cavil, pick on, quarrel
err, mistake, make a mistake, fault, slip, stumble
допускать ошибки
имя существительное
an unattractive or unsatisfactory feature, especially in a piece of work or in a person's character.
my worst fault is impatience
responsibility for an accident or misfortune.
an ordinary man thrust into peril through no fault of his own
an extended break in a body of rock, marked by the relative displacement and discontinuity of strata on either side of a particular surface.
Most transform faults are found on the ocean floor.
criticize for inadequacy or mistakes.
her colleagues and superiors could not fault her dedication to the job
(of a rock formation) be broken by a fault or faults.
rift valleys where the crust has been stretched and faulted
Nor do I fault them for the work they've done in exposing the rot.
They were wrong, but you can't fault their logic.
it has been the great fault of our politicians that they have all wanted to do something
He said that the availability of harmful material on the internet was no more the fault of the internet service provider than it was of the personal computer being used.
All power supply circuits are protected by a ground fault detection system to prevent overloads and short circuits.
you cannot fault him for the professionalism of his approach
While I can't fault her for professionalism, at the very least I would have expected a smile, or, really, any show of emotion at all.
Of course, the group is composed of ‘creative types’ so you can't fault them for being creative with the truth.
the fault of the keen therapist is to start to intervene during the assessment phase
Sorry, but it's not my fault you don't service Minneapolis.