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faucet / кран, вентиль, водопроводный кран
имя существительное
crane, tap, faucet, cock, spigot, water tap
valve, faucet, ventil, flap, stop
водопроводный кран
faucet, tap, water tap, spigot
имя существительное
a device by which a flow of liquid or gas from a pipe or container can be controlled; a tap.
Install faucets with anti-scald devices that prevent water temperature from rising to dangerous levels, or buy pressure-balanced valves that equalize hot and cold water.
Because the water is constantly heated in the tank, energy can be wasted even when no faucet is on.
These particles can get stuck in the mechanical workings of the faucet and restrict the flow.
The simple commercial faucet eliminates the need to carry heavy water-filled pots from sink to stove.
Pull it out of the wall and take it with you to your plumbing supply store or hardware and get the same length faucet .
Once in the bathroom, I turned on the water, allowing the steamy drops to flow freely from the faucet .
Before working on any faucet turn the water off and open the lines to drain into the sink.
To slow pipes from freezing, turn both hot and cold water faucets to a trickle; the continuous water flow will delay freezing.
Occasionally, a pregnant woman is exposed to significant amounts of lead in her drinking water if her home has lead pipes, lead solder on copper pipes or brass faucets .
As Americans look around today, we see that the grass is still green, drinkable water still flows from the faucets , and the supermarkets are still stocked with food.
You should plug and caulk holes or penetrations for faucets , pipes, electric outlets, and wiring.