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fatty / жировой, жирный, откормленный
имя прилагательное
fatty, adipose, suety
fatty, fat, oily, greasy, rich, thick
fattened, fat, fatty, well-fed, high-fed
имя существительное
fatty, plump woman
fatso, fatty, pudge, slob, fat-guts
имя прилагательное
containing a large amount of fat.
go easy on fatty foods
имя существительное
a fat person (especially as a nickname).
Watch for the mean spirited and endless gags about fatties , boyish girls, overweight Hawaiians etc, etc.
And snacks are no longer candy bars, chips and other fatty foods.
Although it's good to remember that it is far more beneficial to consume additional carbohydrates and less fatty foods whenever possible.
The steps include aerobic exercise, less fatty food, learning new skills and avoiding damaging free radicals.
Cholesterol, which your body produces for building cells, is the main substance in fatty deposits that can develop in your arteries.
They believe fatty tissue produces hormones and products such as oestrogen and insulin which may promote tumour growth.
In stressful times, pregnant women are no different than the rest of us: they load up on carbohydrates, fatty foods, sweets and snacks.
Purge your diet of greasy, fatty foods, limit your sodium and up your daily water quotient to 8-10 glasses a day at least.
A common heart condition is coronary heart disease, in which fatty deposits gradually block the coronary arteries.
Among women, the extra fatty tissue produces an excess of the female hormone oestrogen.
With the increasing incidence of obesity and diabetes in Western countries, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease has become a growing problem.