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fattening / ведущий к ожирению
имя прилагательное
ведущий к ожирению
имя существительное
откорм скота
имя прилагательное
(of a food) causing an increase in the weight of someone who eats it.
The next step will be to pass out the highly fattening snack foods that everyone will claim they can't possibly eat.
make or become fat or fatter.
he could do with some good food to fatten him up
Everyone else would get to go home and spend time with their families and eat lots of fattening food.
And he was always raised on fried food and southern food, and it was very fattening .
Currently, police spend much of the time on a stakeout engaged in idle conversation, eating fattening foods and dozing off.
Along with larger portions of more fattening food, Americans have become increasingly sedentary over the last couple of decades.
Figuring out which foods are fattening is a popular subject in obesity research.
Which is the most fattening of these holiday foods?
I suppose there's a kind of vicarious fantasy in watching someone else eat huge amounts of fattening foods in order to gain 30 pounds and win a contest.
It's hard to find seriously fattening Japanese food.
Go through your kitchen and, in the box, place all the fattening foods you're rarely able to resist.
The issue is that highly sugared foods tend not to have a lot of healthy nutrients and are often made with fattening butter and cream.