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fatigue / усталость, утомление, утомительная работа
имя существительное
fatigue, weariness, tiredness, lassitude, languor
fatigue, tiredness, distress, wear and tear
утомительная работа
slog, fatigue, fag
tire, weary, fatigue, wear, tax, wear down
run down, exhaust, wear, harass, fatigue, poop
имя существительное
extreme tiredness, typically resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness.
he was nearly dead with fatigue
a group of soldiers ordered to perform menial, nonmilitary tasks, sometimes as a punishment.
cause (someone) to feel tired or exhausted.
they were fatigued by their journey
It's the sitting-down equivalent of museum/gallery fatigue , that special ailment of travellers everywhere.
buccinator and orbicularis oris muscles showing signs of fatigue
Sleepiness and fatigue can affect physical and mental capabilities to perform at safe levels.
Adding weight, like a medicine ball, to your exercises is an effective way to fatigue your muscles, he adds.
Do these exercises at the end of your regular strength-training workout because you will fully fatigue your abs performing these exercises.
Might the increase in the number of elections and referendums have induced election fatigue ?
So often one hears of driver fatigue being the cause of extremely serious accidents.
But a critical distinction needs to be drawn between physical and mental fatigue .
Nearly complete elimination of inclusions by vacuum melting produces a considerable increase in the transverse fatigue limit.
How will the parties defeat election fatigue and boost declining turn-out numbers?