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fatherly / отечески
имя прилагательное
paternal, fatherly, parental, paternalistic
fatherly, paternal, paternalistic, fatherlike
свойственный отцу
имя прилагательное
of, resembling, or characteristic of a father, especially in being protective and affectionate.
he gave me such a kind and fatherly look
He is down-to-earth, friendly, fatherly and a seemingly great representative for the conscious movement.
Then he broke into hearty laughter, and strangely, patted my shoulder in an almost fatherly manner.
It was then that I noticed he was peacefully asleep, leaving me to savour a moment of high quality fatherly tenderness.
Only the presence of the Huntsman provides any sort of male-oriented fatherly compassion.
His sweaty hand grabs my shoulder in a fatherly gesture as he comes to sit down on the bar stool beside me.
Right now, everyone could use a little fatherly advice.
He's a fatherly , compassionate figure here, much concerned for the well-being of the tenants on his Sandringham estate.
I was getting the fatherly stuff I now realise I wasn't getting at home.
God's kingdom is one of fatherly and motherly compassion, not dominating majesty or slavish subjection.
He took on a fatherly role and I started to call him dad.