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fathead / болван, олух, тупица
имя существительное
boob, blockhead, doodle, dummy, loggerhead, fathead
booby, blockhead, clod, loggerhead, dullard, fathead
jerk, dunce, dullard, schmuck, numskull, fathead
имя существительное
a stupid person.
Oh, and really, I work all day to ensure that fatheads like you get to drive your stupid cars around and never have to walk an inch in your miserable lives.
Instead he's stoned with his fathead cousin throwing rotten eggs at luxury cars from an 11th floor balcony.
Optimesse feels like real optimism and looks like real optimism, but it will never make you look like a fathead .
you're a fathead who doesn't understand a joke
It wasn't too long ago that the last place I would have expected to see him would be sitting in the hot seat beside that fathead , but things change.
What's there is a roaring, muralistic street scene peopled by fathead dreamers, mournful patriarchs, and shrill ideologues - the whole American carnival.
And it is selfishness like that which will crush socialism, you fathead !
This might be a good time to rethink your no-guns policy, fathead !
This manager apparently was a real fathead .
That thing you were sent is written by a fathead anyway.
Why can't you understand what you're saying, you fathead !