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fateful / роковой, важный, зловещий
имя прилагательное
fatal, fateful, weird, vital, feral, deathly
important, great, significant, big, momentous, fateful
sinister, ominous, evil, inauspicious, grim, fateful
resolute, strong, decisive, determined, drastic, fateful
prophetic, prophetical, oracular, predictive, fateful, divine
имя прилагательное
having far-reaching and typically disastrous consequences or implications.
a fateful oversight
At this fateful juncture in our history it is vital that we see clearly who are our enemies, and that we deal with them.
It's a fateful symbiosis in a downward spiral of political aspiration.
It is obvious that they expect him to make a more compelling case before such a fateful juncture is reached.
It was the one name that the queen was loath to hear at that fateful moment and her heart was hardened.
Politically-motivated gregariousness and poor time organisation proved fateful .
I remember yelling at my brother in shock and disbelief that fateful April Fools' night.
Fifty years after that first, fateful visit to Recreation Park, he saw silverware raised aloft.
It was truly difficult to express into words what she had gone through on that fateful day.
Then late in the summer comes the fateful day when you discover your results.
She spoke with us about fateful encounters and the knowledge she has gleaned.