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fatality / фатальность, несчастье, смерть
имя существительное
misfortune, unhappiness, disaster, bad luck, affliction, fatality
death, dying, demise, end, passing, fatality
имя существительное
an occurrence of death by accident, in war, or from disease.
shooting was heard and there were fatalities
helplessness in the face of fate.
the plot needs a darker sense of fatality to cover its absurdities
With a fatality rate similar to that of SARS it could easily kill one percent of the total population.
‘Overall there's generally a downward trend but our view is that one fatality is one too many,’ said the inspector.
It's the highest level of Ecstasy in any fatality ever recorded.
a sense of fatality gripped her
That's about 1 fatality per 15 trillion km traveled.
But unless something's done soon there will be another fatality .
So far this year, according to the International Shark Attack file, there have been 18 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide, resulting in one fatality .
There are more risks at this time and sadly we have already seen one fatality .
A 40-year-old truck driver has become the country's latest road fatality .
‘We've only had one fatality in three months,’ he said.