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fastness / стойкость, прочность, твердыня
имя существительное
durability, persistence, stamina, endurance, fortitude, fastness
strength, durability, toughness, stability, hardness, fastness
stronghold, citadel, castle, fastness
имя существительное
a secure refuge, especially a place well protected by natural features.
a remote Himalayan mountain fastness
the ability of a material or dye to maintain its color without fading or washing away.
the dyes differ in their fastness to light
But if the original word in Russian was krepost, it could be translated equally well as a fastness .
Even in a region famous for inaccessible high country stations, it's a fastness .
the dyes differ in their fastness to light
They lost the first by a big margin and drew the second 3 all in their mountain fastness .
Many of the colors were not fast, although there is not agreement in the literature on fastness properties of the various dyes.
I'm definitely going to attend the lecture next Friday, which will draw me out of my remote fastness in the western wilderness to some proximity to civilization.
The sparrow had flown south from Tennessee into the mountain fastness of the upper Paint Rock Valley in North Alabama where it had contracted aviomycosis and was terminally ill.
Ten years later eight of the world's most advanced practitioners of Buddhist meditation finally left their remote mountain fastness , bound for the clinical environment of a US laboratory.
Moreover, the sizing does not impact the hand of the fabric or the wash fastness of garments, the company reported.
No city or village or mountain fastness was spared.