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fastidious / привередливый, брезгливый, разборчивый
имя прилагательное
fastidious, choosy, fussy, particular, choosey, queasy
squeamish, fastidious
legible, picky, choosy, discriminating, fastidious, nice
имя прилагательное
very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail.
he chooses his words with fastidious care
The food may be healthy, but the conditions under which it's made are far from the standards demanded by fastidious Westerners.
He had to carefully attend to each customer's fastidious demands.
When I started cleaning carpets, I realized early that my standards of cleaning weren't up to the level of some of the highly fastidious clients I was attracting.
I was struck by the fastidious care with which the parties divided up the cost of the vacations they took together; sometimes calculations were made to the penny.
They want you to do everything to them, but then are too fastidious to name it.
Why does a conductor so fastidious and precise with an orchestra always seem so blithely undisturbed by such unidiomatic, out-of-tune singing?
He made relatively few films and gained the reputation of being a fastidious and sometimes ruthless perfectionist.
He's a detail man, obsessively fastidious to the point that he still handles the steady-cam himself, to get those shots just right.
He plays it deadpan, with impeccable style and fastidious attention to detail, but of course that only enhances the absurdity.
He always loves to have everything very chic and polished and fastidious .