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fastening / скрепление, молния, зажим
имя существительное
fastening, bracer, brace
lightning, zipper, fastener, fastening, levin
clamp, clip, jaw, grip, clasp, fastening
имя существительное
a device that closes or secures something.
a front-zip fastening
close or join securely.
fasten your seat belts
a front-zip fastening
a fly-front fastening
Copper fastenings had been substituted in all cases in the new work.
The Velcro fastenings on my wallet made their characteristic ripping sound as I pulled it open.
No preparation for the test is required, and depending which part of the body is being scanned, the patient may be able to remain fully dressed, in clothes without metal fastenings .
This one stood shuddering with cold for a minute or two, head hanging, before he slowly raised his gloved hands and fumbled at the fastenings of his cloak.
Here, the inspector is looking for any indications that summer storms or winds have loosened the fastenings connecting the roof to the rest of the building.
This went as far as imitating every detail of wood, down to the joints and fastenings , in rock.
The fastenings dug into her wrists as she tried to kick him.
He said before the advent of modern fastenings , clothes were held together with brooches, or with belts and straps like this one.