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fashionista / модница
имя существительное
a designer of haute couture.
Color experts, interior designers and fashionistas all agree: right now, red is red hot in everything from home decor to evening wear to iMacs.
a devoted follower of fashion.
sleek designs that press all the fashionistas' buttons
Basically its just a wonderfully witty book written in the voice of a fashionista that we can actually connect with.
All fashionista 's should have a piece of art like this hanging on their walls!
With the hair extensions, she looks more girl-next-door than cool fashionista .
Any fashionista worth her weight in acquisitions can smell a piece of Prada from yards away.
It has kept growth on track by sticking to its tried-and-tested formula of providing affordable fast fashion, the cheap chic that fills a young fashionista 's closet.
When my grandmother took a job at a children's shoe factory, I learned how many shoes were available for a young fashionista like me.
And they recently signed the hot fashionista to design new lines of sport clothing.
The fashion trend setter boldly goes where other fashionistas have yet to follow.
The graphics are lively and colorful, and it all looks bright and nicely saturated, as any cartoon about budding fashionistas should be.
I hate fashion, I hate the fashion industry, I hate the fashionistas , I hate fashion shows, I hate most of the couture culture, but I love clothes.