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fashionable / модный, фешенебельный, светский
имя прилагательное
fashionable, trendy, stylish, fancy, hip, modish
fashionable, tony, ultrafashionable, chichi, silk-stocking
secular, worldly, temporal, social, lay, fashionable
имя существительное
светский человек
man about town, clubman, fashionable, gallant, Corinthian, blood
имя прилагательное
characteristic of, influenced by, or representing a current popular trend or style.
fashionable clothes
He is no longer, and can never be again, the fashionable person that he was in the '80s.
Hopefully all the fashionable people from the Sheffield scene will be there and be dressed to kill.
They were popular for no other reason than that people believed they were fashionable .
And fashionable waitresses with nice curves treat you with refreshing drinks.
By the late 16th century, most fashionable patrons favoured fantastical Mannerist pieces for their displays.
To prove the point, his photographs show us fashionable women not just in relaxed poses but actually smiling and laughing.
The political banners on street walls were replaced by large pictures of beautiful and fashionable women.
She was being escorted to one of the off-campus parties by her new fashionable boyfriend, Shawn.
During the eighteenth century fashionable accessories became an important complement to a lady's attire.
Remember when your mother said that being warm was more important than looking fashionable ?