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fascinate / очаровывать, зачаровывать, пленять
fascinate, charm, enchant, captivate, mesmerize, enthrall
fascinate, mesmerize
fascinate, captivate, attract, allure, bewitch, sirenize
зачаровывать взглядом
draw irresistibly the attention and interest of (someone).
I've always been fascinated by other cultures
Foreign cultures and languages fascinate you.
Perhaps it is this very drama that provides the attraction that continues to fascinate military historians.
You will never know what is on their mind, and you may not have any idea where you stand with them, but their secrets will always fascinate you.
Microcosms fascinate me, captivate me and draw me to their limited but complete spaces.
This type of climbing will always fascinate me.
Mountains will always fascinate man; the temptation to conquer them is probably somewhere within most of us.
Why are people so fascinated by gender differences in the first place?
But I'm still fascinated by that story.
Forget sighting a humble swallow—these days, the first sign of a British summer must surely be the inaugural glimpse of a bright, feathered fascinator perched precariously atop the mother of the bride.
"Did you know that I'm wearing a substantial fascinator ," she slurs.