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farthing / фартинг
имя существительное
имя существительное
a former monetary unit and coin of the UK, withdrawn in 1961, equal to a quarter of an old penny.
During that period, he said, there was a national shortage of small-denomination half penny and farthing coins - so many local towns and even tradesmen took to minting their own tokens.
He showed examples of some of the first minted Thai coins, which were actually modelled on the English farthing .
We didn't save the groat, the guinea or the farthing , and thrive without them.
The funny thing is that the cable TV company has never realized that the boxing public won't pay a farthing to see Jones do anything.
Izumi was standing in the middle of vast darkness, so dark that not even a farthing of dust or any particle could be seen.
By next February, the punt and the penny will be going the way of the farthing and half crown, becoming curios and museum pieces.
Nestled inside, laying on a cushion of cloth, lay a medallion about the size of a farthing .
The penny piece is now worth less in real terms than either the farthing or the decimal halfpenny when they were withdrawn from circulation.
The half-penny and farthing would gradually be replaced by a half-cent and quarter-cent.
she didn't care a farthing for the woman
The silver farthing was worth a quarter of a penny.