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Транскрипция и произношение слова "farther" в британском и американском вариантах. Подробный перевод и примеры.

farther / дальше, далее, далеко
further, farther, next, beyond, forward, forth
further, onwards, farther, onward
far, away, furthest, farther, way, a long way
имя прилагательное
further, far, distant, farthest, remote, farther
far, distant, remote, faraway, farther, further
further, farther, ulterior
facilitate, contribute, assist, support, further, farther
имя прилагательное
more distant in space than another item of the same kind.
the farther side of the mountain
at, to, or by a greater distance (used to indicate the extent to which one thing or person is or becomes distant from another).
the farther away you are from your home, the better you should behave
over a greater expanse of space or time; for a longer way.
the stream fills the passage, and only a cave diver can explore farther
имя прилагательное
more distant in space than something else of the same kind.
two men were standing at the further end of the clearing
additional to what already exists or has already taken place, been done, or been accounted for.
cook for a further ten minutes
But none of those outstanding artists has pushed hip hop farther out than them.
How much farther could Scott push this charade without outright lying?
Distant galaxies turned out to be even farther away than their recession speed had seemed to indicate.
Slowly I pushed the doors open farther , and they spread out before us.
For that, you need to push yourself a step or two beyond what you thought you could do - and then push a little farther .
As temperatures rise, their range will be pushed farther north and they'll become more susceptible to fire.
She had wanted to swim and explore farther , but she didn't know it was night.
That those folks pushed the boundaries much farther and wrote better songs is further trouble for these young Turks.
Amy stated this flatly, and started to go towards the bolted door at the farther side of the room.
He was heading to the farther , darker side of Tokyo - didn't he realize that?