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farrago / смесь, мешанина, всякая всячина
имя существительное
mixture, mix, blend, compound, composition, farrago
hash, mishmash, hodgepodge, mash, medley, farrago
всякая всячина
sundries, jambalaya, whatnot, hodgepodge, etceteras, farrago
имя существительное
a confused mixture.
a farrago of fact and myth about Abraham Lincoln
The whole farrago is so sublimely bad that it might become a cult classic.
What it was, instead, was a farrago of paranoia and pretence, hysteria and lies.
His story was such a fantastic farrago of lies and fantasies that it was thrown out by the Scottish judges.
a farrago of fact and myth about Abraham Lincoln
Either way, it's a farrago of highly dubious nonsense.
The whole farrago is a disaster waiting to happen.
a farrago of fact and myth about Abraham Lincoln
Frankly, what the hapless visitors to the gallery are now being presented with is a farrago of contextless quotes, statements of belief and reports of misleading hearsay.
I couldn't be bothered trawling through the remaining farrago of lazy-minded tripe that our milk-toothed boy has served up for the public to peruse.
Those are padded out with a farrago of insinuation and unfounded claims that he can produce no evidence for.