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farmstead / усадьба, ферма со службами
имя существительное
farmstead, homestead, place, seat, barton, steading
ферма со службами
имя существительное
a farm and its buildings.
Noel lives in a restored farmstead on a farm near Dewitt, Michigan.
When planning manure storages, consider all farmstead operations, building locations, and prevailing winds.
Our grandmother cooked large meals for the men, who slept in a bunkhouse on the farmstead .
The barns and milking parlor on the farmstead had been vacant for seven years, so friends helped them clean, test equipment and replace components as needed.
Their farmstead and barnyard areas are immaculately tidy.
At her farmstead , two acres are devoted to the house and yard and 118 acres to active farm production.
The site is a Neolithic farmstead with the oldest standing buildings in North-West Europe, but before I worked there it was thought to date from the Iron Age.
The farmstead consisted of a set of buildings grouped around a yard: the living dwelling faced the cowshed and the storehouse while the threshing house and steam bath house were set at a further distance.
Noel lives in a restored farmstead on a farm near Dewitt, Michigan.
His writings state the abbey founded a large farmstead , or grange, and a water mill 20 miles away near Wharram Percy, south of Malton.
He encouraged rural residents to be alert to signs of production on abandoned farmsteads and to contact local authorities.