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farmland / сельхозугодий
обрабатываемая земля
cultivated land
lands, agricultural land
приусадебный участок
имя существительное
land used for farming.
The people, farmlands , and farming practices of Asia come to life in this varied collection.
Thanks to improvements in productivity, less and less land is required as farmland .
The village has not yet been submerged and they are still there living off their six acres of farmland .
I am further annoyed that yet another piece of open land has been fenced in and turned into farmland .
The land surrounding this section is farmland and small plots of vegetable gardens.
The land includes the canal and surrounding farmland but not the factory site itself, the sports field or the slag bank.
The deli, which is set in 25 acres of farmland , also puts on a monthly class.
Eighty per cent of the land in the village is farmland , so harvest time affects everyone here.
The next house must be well away from any kind of arable farmland .
This part of Georgia is mostly pastures and farmland with small rolling hills.
It has yet to agree on a land premium for changing the site's usage from farmland to residential.