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farmhouse / дом на ферме
имя существительное
дом на ферме
имя существительное
a house attached to a farm, especially the main house in which the farmer lives.
In the countryside, cottages and farmhouses , alongside big houses and estates, have existed since the 18th century at least.
a farmhouse kitchen
They will eat in a dark kitchen in the farmhouse , sitting by the embers of last night's fire.
The next thing she knew, there was the sound of a car horn coming from the lane on which their farmhouse home stands.
She said the incident had taken place in a farm field opposite her house where there is a farmhouse and outbuildings.
The main house faced east towards the main gate with an aisled farmhouse to the north and a range of farm buildings to the south.
The outside room is planned both as a substitute garden and as the social centre of the farmhouse .
She returns to David, setting up a new home with him in a beautiful farmhouse outside Bakewell.
One goes to stay with the other's family at a farmhouse out in the country.
Eddie and Maria live in an isolated farmhouse in the Norwegian countryside.
Darker woods are used to create a heritage effect in traditional farmhouses and cottages.