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farewell / прощальный, напутственный
имя прилагательное
farewell, parting, valedictory
имя существительное
parting, farewell, goodbye, bye, leave, adieu
имя существительное
an act of parting or of marking someone's departure.
the dinner had been arranged as a farewell
used to express good wishes on parting.
farewell, Albert!
She was going to give a farewell concert but she no longer played solo.
His teaching colleagues and students have arranged a special farewell party for him this Friday.
For many, saying farewell to those left behind on land is the hardest part.
But after struggling to recruit new members, they have decided to disband, and performed for the last time at a farewell party on Tuesday.
Bidding farewell , I unfurled the umbrella, and walked out into the rain.
Tonight I also went to have another farewell dinner with two of my friends.
he had come on the pretext of bidding her farewell
All of his last day was given over to a farewell party with a buffet lunch, presentations and speeches.
Without saying a word, the couple bade a fond farewell to their deceased friends and family.
He also gave one of the most moving farewell speeches I'd ever heard.