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farce / фарс, балаган, фарш
имя существительное
farce, slapstick
farce, booth, carrousel, tomfoolery, carousel
stuffing, forcemeat, mincemeat, mince, filling, farce
joke, jest, fun, trick, prank, farce
грубая выходка
discourtesy, farce
lard, farce
stuff, farce
имя существительное
a comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.
On stage he has played character roles in farces , pantomime, comedies and serious drama.
the debate turned into a drunken farce
The tone could change effortlessly and sensitively from farce to tragedy in the space of an episode.
Meanwhile, the story keeps unraveling like a farce staged at Indianapolis' Hilbert Circle Theater.
About eight hundred regulars could be counted on to attend each production, be it drama or farce .
The detention and trial of the two workers has been a politically-motivated farce from start to finish.
His direction is tight, keeping a brisk pace and gaining the most out of broad farce and high drama.
Debates and votings in the assembly, in such cases, become no more than a farce , when every dissent can be purchased and silenced.
I told you this was going to be a total farce !
It allowed us to play on the elements of tragedy, drama, comedy, farce , and it allowed us to explore many, many levels.
Too much fun still derives from characters' gullibility or stupidity, but the young author is trying to lift himself from farce into comedy.