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far-fetched / надуманный, неестественный, натянутый
имя прилагательное
far-fetched, wiredrawn
unnatural, stilted, hammy, stagey, affected, far-fetched
strained, tense, forced, stiff, constrained, far-fetched
имя прилагательное
unlikely and unconvincing; implausible.
As a foreseeability issue it was far-fetched and fanciful.
Talk of people hacking into the system is not entirely far-fetched .
It's too far-fetched to imagine a conspiracy, of course.
But being so explicit is not as far-fetched as one might think.
If it sounds too far-fetched to be true, it's not.
As a foreseeability issue it was far-fetched and fanciful.
Only when a risk becomes far-fetched or fanciful will the law refuse to acknowledge it.
If this sounds a little far-fetched , just think about yourself.
For Shanghai gourmets, the prospect of being able to enjoy authentic Egyptian food has always sounded a bit far-fetched .
In the end, I don't think that what I was thinking was quite so far-fetched , because the premise of this show is absolutely evil.
While it sounds great it does also seem a bit far-fetched and of course there is the very real objection that what comes after corrupt monarchies might actually be worse.