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fantasy / фантастика, фантазия, воображение
имя существительное
fantasy, fantastic tales, phantasy
fantasy, imagination, fancy, phantasy, fantasia, idea
imagination, fancy, fantasy, phantasy, idea, make-believe
представлять себе
imagine, fancy, envision, think, conceive, fantasy
improvise, jam, extemporize, hit off, mock up, fantasy
имя существительное
the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable.
his research had moved into the realm of fantasy
a musical composition, free in form, typically involving variation on an existing work or the imaginative representation of a situation or story; a fantasia.
Field also wrote fantasies and rondos (using popular melodies), études, waltzes, and works for piano duet.
imagine the occurrence of; fantasize about.
Since they revealed little about the concentration camps, she fantasied stories of their courageous escapes.
he's my second-round draft choice in fantasy baseball this year
That is why there is such a rich future for people of color in science fiction and fantasy , because the genre allows us to speculate on our future whether utopian or dystopian.
I find there are too many negative connotations to genre writing, especially to the ever-so-popular science fiction / fantasy .
Scott combines elements of fantasy and horror to produce a nightmarish vision of a man completely alone and confronted by his own imminent death.
These scenes, which combine fantasy , ritual, and myth, were transferred from the walls of the quinta to canvas in the 1870s.
This Hugo award winning classic by Philip José Farmer is a fantasy about an ultimate Resurrection.
the scene is clearly fantasy
it is a misleading fantasy to suggest that the bill can be implemented
For a moment, I even allowed the event to fuel a little fantasy about the harsh reality of my rural existence.
This is also one reason why I remain so steadfastly resolute about concentrating on fantasy , science fiction and horror film.