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fantasize / фантазировать
fantasize, dream, romance, dream up, daydream, give rein to one's imagination
indulge in daydreaming about something desired.
he sometimes fantasized about emigrating
You could dress it in superhero costumes, fantasize scenarios in which it pulls off epic feats, and use it to help you escape the imaginary constraints that have been inhibiting you lately.
Here the imagination could be set free to revel in the delights of the kingdom of God, to fantasize the total fulfillment that would justify one's earthly pains.
Children in families in which speechlessness dominates and few facts have been disclosed may fantasize details to imagine the parental trauma.
one might fantasize the death of someone seen as a threat
they sometimes fantasize the destruction of the world
The Picture of Dorian Gray fantasizes a world where middle-aged hedonists can be forever boys, equated in a timeless plane composed half out of lust, half out of the wish-fulfilling visions of the fairy story.
Those of us who lack their spirit of adventure satisfy ourselves with the mediated version, and fantasise the rest.
The man she had dreamed about and fantasized about was now proposing the very thing she had wished for.
She was a beautiful woman, and I know many Irish men who fantasized about her.
I always fantasized about going on an exotic sea cruise to Puerto Rico or San Tropez or the Greek Islands.