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fancier / любитель, знаток, фантазер
имя существительное
amateur, lover, fan, buff, fancier, dilettante
expert, connoisseur, scholar, adept, judge, fancier
dreamer, visionary, romancer, daydreamer, fancier, air monger
имя существительное
a connoisseur or enthusiast of something, especially someone who has a special interest in or breeds a particular animal.
a pigeon fancier
имя прилагательное
elaborate in structure or decoration.
the furniture was very fancy
(of a drawing, painting, or sculpture) created from the imagination rather than from life.
She'd considered a fancy carving or sculpture of the gods, like many others; it didn't seem to have any meaning, though.
a pigeon fancier
a pigeon fancier
Throughout the late 1800s, English dog fanciers became increasingly fascinated with breeds indigenous to the European continent.
In a late '70s newsletter to prospective ocicat fanciers , Daly explained that one reason for the breed's spotty progress was a pet limitation ordinance passed by the town council where she lived.
The Bird Watching Team and parrot fanciers around the country are very excited.
Post-war concerns about breed purity became academic as cat fanciers scrambled to make whatever judicious compromises they could in order to insure the survival of their chosen breeds.
Now crossword fanciers know that there are words for things that crossword setters just always use.