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fanatical / фанатический, изуверский
имя прилагательное
fanatical, fanatic, bigoted, frenetic, phrenetic
fanatic, fanatical
имя прилагательное
filled with excessive and single-minded zeal.
fanatical revolutionaries
If they weren't fanatical about Christianity, what would they be fanatical about?
It's always amused me that some of the most fanatical anti-tobacco activists are also mad keen on legalising dope.
The LEJ and other fanatical Sunni groups have a history of sectarian violence in Pakistan.
The concept of heroism became unthinkable except in relation to fanatical military force.
Many have suffered at the hands of the fanatical few.
These books are an indictment of uncompromising, fanatical , and utopian ideology.
Having a fanatical enemy that works for law enforcement can lead to extremely dangerous situations.
The trick, I guess, is not to get too fanatical about getting the accent too accurate because then that becomes a mask.
The vast majority of Hitler's fanatical supporters easily transitioned to life in the free world.
I think many Christians in the current climate perceive Islam as a religion of fanatical extremists who commit acts of terrorism.