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fan / вентилятор, поклонник, веер
имя существительное
fan, ventilator, blower, blowhole
fan, admirer, suitor, lover, aficionado, follower
blow up, fan, blow, stir up, distend, foment
fan, brush away, waff
имя существительное
an apparatus with rotating blades that creates a current of air for cooling or ventilation.
Ceiling fans that keep you cool in summer also can save energy in winter.
a device, typically folding and shaped like a segment of a circle when spread out, that is held in the hand and waved so as to cool the person holding it by causing the air to move.
Well-prepared with umbrellas and caps, spectators waved fans or improvised from whatever was at hand to fight the heat.
a device for winnowing grain.
The farmer puts the unsorted grain and chaff into the basket, and shakes it until the lighter chaff is propelled over the fan 's lip, while the heavier grain remains inside.
a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art form, or famous person.
football fans
cool (especially a person or a part of the body) by waving something to create a current of air.
he fanned himself with his hat
increase the strength of (a fire) by blowing on it or stirring up the air near it.
gusty wind fanned fires in Yellowstone Park
disperse or radiate from a central point to cover a wide area.
the arriving passengers began to fan out through the town in search of lodgings
имя прилагательное
relating to the Fang or their language.
The harmonious, balanced contours of reliquary guardian figures convey a sense of tranquility highly valued in both art and life in Fang culture.
Although I pretend not to be, I am a football fan , but there is room for other sports on TV surely.
The fact that a women's race commands as much attention, fan enthusiasm and media coverage as the men's race is really encouraging, too.
Portugal is battling its most devastating forest fires for a decade, as strong wind fan the flames.
The heat would make Joy's condition much worse. Dewi would sit and fan Joy for several hours.
fan vaulting
Anzuko was drawing a portrait of Suzume for fun while Suzume posed by lying down and holding an open fan casually.
It's all about letting through a flow of air, which is then whipped up by a ceiling fan to cool you naturally.
Males continuously fan the eggs to aerate them and to prevent silt from settling on them.
Waving a fan for nearly 12 hours continuously, with just a break for lunch, could make anyone's arms sore.
Before searing the meat, turn on the ventilation fan over the stove.