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famished / голодный, изголодавшийся
имя прилагательное
hungry, empty, famished, peckish, hollow, starveling
famished, ravenous
имя прилагательное
extremely hungry.
She had to admit she was quite hungry, famished even.
Speaking of being hungry for Greek, get me to the nearest falafel stand - I'm famished !
I was absolutely famished but could not manage more than a third of the serving.
She had to admit she was quite hungry, famished even.
Since we were all famished and couldn't wait to get to a restaurant, the rest of us stayed in the van while Ramon went inside to get his brother.
‘The last of us finally got home at 8am, but only because we were famished - and couldn't find a cafe open to cook us breakfast,’ said coach Andy Geary.
Boy, I'm famished … can we stop at a café and eat before we meet up with Tamika?
I was famished by the time we came to the canteen and, for once, the whole group was assembled there - - only, they sat at separate tables.
We were running a little late and I was famished , so we broke a rule and had a light lunch in the coffee shop.
Ashton while we do this go into the kitchen and eat something, you look famished .
Anyways, I got to go because my mother said dinner is done and I have to eat something because I'm famished .