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famine / голод, голодание, недостаток
имя существительное
hunger, famine, starvation, dearth, famishment
starvation, hunger, famine, famishment
lack, drawback, flaw, deficiency, shortage, famine
имя существительное
extreme scarcity of food.
drought could result in famine throughout the region
In general, beech nuts have been regarded as food for humans in times of famine or scarcity.
In a region noted for drought, famine , climatic extreme and racked by a 30-year civil war, the findings were almost unbelievable.
the cotton famine of the 1860s
At present half the population, 6.7 million people, are facing food shortages due to famine .
the cotton famine of the 1860s
Faced with severe drought, lack of food security is creating conditions of famine .
There are economists who will tell you that peace and government prevent famine more effectively than food aid does.
Every time there has been a civil war or famine in Africa the result has been a stream of human misery in the hundreds of thousands if not millions.
drought resulted in famine throughout the region
A poorly thought out redistribution policy could result in famine and disaster similar to what has happened in Zimbabwe.