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familiarity / знакомство, фамильярность, близкое знакомство
имя существительное
acquaintance, familiarity, knowledge, acquaintanceship, knowing
близкое знакомство
имя существительное
close acquaintance with or knowledge of something.
increase customer familiarity with a product
They are using the experience to gain familiarity with the technology, enter new markets, and meet new clients.
The stock of knowledge refers to a student's familiarity with the content and language of economics prior to entering a university course.
It extends to insights that come only from intimate familiarity with them, allowing connections unseen by others to be recognized and used for productive purposes.
Very few Japanese people ever extend their knowledge of Bulgaria beyond familiarity with its yoghurt, which has become part of the national cuisine in Japan.
It has become known as a lively venue, particularly in the evenings and at weekends and offers a mixture of friendliness and familiarity to its many patrons.
Harriman Nelson allowed his old friend the freedom of familiarity in his cabin.
They found no relationship between the rate of referral and physicians' knowledge, beliefs and familiarity with the effects of alternative therapies.
familiarity allows us to give each other nicknames
Much of this cultural work happened at the level of emotional affinity and familiarity .
After years of familiarity with her work, I'm convinced that exact knowledge of the system makes little difference in appreciating the paintings.