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familiar / привычный, близкий, хорошо знакомый
имя прилагательное
habitual, familiar, accustomed, customary, regular, wonted
close, near, intimate, familiar, nearby, nigh
хорошо знакомый
familiar, intimate, well-accepted, well-known
имя существительное
близкий друг
close friend, familiar, crony, intimate, hail-fellow
имя прилагательное
well known from long or close association.
their faces will be familiar to many of you
in close friendship; intimate.
she had not realized they were on such familiar terms
имя существительное
a demon supposedly attending and obeying a witch, often said to assume the form of an animal.
The familiar of a witch is always a black cat; and it is supposed that black cats have powers and faculties quite different from all other of the feline tribe.
(in the Roman Catholic Church) a person rendering certain services in a pope's or bishop's household.
Familiars actually dwelling in a monastery may receive their Easter Communion in the church or chapel of the monastery.
a close friend or associate.
Associating with familiars can potentially provide individuals with important benefits, including enhanced group antipredator behavior.
His sarcastic voice sounds vaguely familiar to Rena, and she wishes Jem would step aside so she can get a better look.
Charlotte frowned upon hearing Emma refer to Darcy with such a familiar term, almost jumping up from her position on her bed.
Phil's motives and experience sounds very familiar .
In British Columbia, L. disjunctus is the more common, widespread and familiar species.
Ian flushed happily with the familiar term of endearment from his father-in-law, but then continued seriously.
These forms of unease are familiar once we have encountered the problem of free will through the hypothesis of determinism.
the song was familiar
It can be comforting to encounter the familiar faces of cats and dogs and farm animals in foreign lands.
Surely one could expect no surprises from a substance so common and so familiar .
He had visited them before and there were the usual familiar faces, but on this occasion what he experienced left him shaken.