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familial / семейный
  • familial ties - семейные связи
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or occurring in a family or its members.
the familial Christmas dinner
Genetic and familial factors are accepted, but no specific evidence is available.
Do alien rites of passage enrich familial bonds within an individualistic society?
Interestingly enough, when we do the genetics, we find the familial history makes a difference.
The researchers found that the hippocampus was not as active as in people without that familial risk.
Strong familial bonds will definitely guide a person on the right path.
For me his films encompass violence and love, notions of friendship and familial bonds, beauty and art, comedy and death.
Nothing kept me there, no true obligation or familial ties, not since my mom died.
These common ideals endure as do personal links and familial bonds between Britain and America.
By accident he discovered a knack for ballet and after battling familial prejudice won a scholarship to the Royal Ballet school.
It's a family game and some deep, unresolved familial conflict suddenly pops up.