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fame / известность, слава, молва
имя существительное
fame, renown, prominence, notoriety, celebrity, repute
glory, fame, reputation, honor, renown, kudos
rumor, fame, hearsay, report, buzz, whisper
glorify, celebrate, laud, glory, sing, fame
имя существительное
the condition of being known or talked about by many people, especially on account of notable achievements.
winning the Olympic title has brought her fame and fortune
the win gained them international fame
The women are certainly not in it for the money or the fame - there's precious little of that to go around.
They are an adventurous bunch and many of them venture overseas to find fame and fortune.
Despite the fame and the globetrotting, the couple's domestic existence is reassuringly familiar.
He is reported as having suffered from clinical depression after the trauma of sudden fame and sudden mass public hatred.
Nowadays there are so many people that just seem to be in it for the fame , who are just using music to keep their name known.
His brief ten-minute TV appearance so far hasn't brought him instant fame and fortune.
But eventually the fame had become too much, and I believe he had turned to drugs to escape.
Some people want to keep their private lives to themselves; others emote in public for fame and money.
Occasionally, as in the case of Abba, the winning Eurovision band goes on to fame and fortune, but mostly they don't.