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falter / колебаться, спотыкаться, дрогнуть
hesitate, fluctuate, sway, oscillate, vibrate, falter
stumble, falter, trip, hobble, blunder, reel
falter, waver, flinch, quail, reel
start to lose strength or momentum.
her smile faltered and then faded
It would be a great shame if the momentum were to falter at the last moment.
Even at this late stage, it is possible that his candidacy will falter .
Her feet made slight shifts as they momentarily lost footing, but she did not stop, did not falter in her forward momentum, heading toward the East River.
This is the one hurdle at which most listeners coming in hope, tend to falter and often lose heart and turn away.
Labor's momentum may falter .
His steps falter ; the dancers seem to embrace him but they let go and he falls.
Labor's momentum may falter , the ‘It's time’ factor may not have the necessary lift either.
That is not to say we won't fail, falter or lose sight of our intentions.
Cultural shifts are long-term and if they lose momentum they can falter altogether.
Contrary to many expectations, he didn't falter or even hesitate.