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falsify / фальсифицировать, подделывать, искажать
falsify, fake, adulterate, doctor, gerrymander, sophisticate
forge, fake, imitate, counterfeit, falsify, tamper
distort, misrepresent, deform, twist, corrupt, falsify
alter (information or evidence) so as to mislead.
It was called following allegations that in one ward alone, 3,000 out of 7,000 postal codes were stolen, altered or falsified during last year's local elections.
prove (a statement or theory) to be false.
the hypothesis is falsified by the evidence
Thousands of unwitting South African women may be married illegally to foreigners who have paid corrupt officials to falsify marriage certificates.
If history is our guide, we would expect future research to support some ideas and falsify others.
The central bank said it would punish banks which helped businesses to falsify documents regarding their overseas remissions.
Given the apparent uniqueness of the north temperate zone populations of the Sedge Wren, it is important to try to falsify this hypothesis relating breeding-site fidelity and styles of song development.
Therefore the Earth's eigenvibrations falsify the Inside-Out theory, but can be easily understood in terms of the Earth's spherical shape, volume and density.
On 5 January 1996 the police reportedly used his thumb prints to falsify a statement in which he apparently confirmed that his injuries resulted from a fall while he was in the Civil Hospital, soon after he was first examined.
Karl Popper long ago argued that empirical observations can never truly confirm a theory, they can only falsify or fail to falsify it.
The failure to find differences in those zones would falsify the hypothesis that mountain lions partitioned space to obtain exclusive use of prey.
The women had their passports taken from them and made to sign a blank piece of paper, later used to falsify work-related documents.
I've already named lots of things that could be found that would falsify evolutionary theory completely.