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false / ложный, фальшивый, лживый
имя прилагательное
false, spurious, mock, dummy, pseudo, erroneous
false, counterfeit, phony, faked, sham, hokey
false, lying, deceitful, mendacious, sklent, two-faced
имя прилагательное
not according with truth or fact; incorrect.
the test can produce false results
appearing to be the thing denoted; deliberately made or meant to deceive.
check to see if the trunk has a false bottom
illusory; not actually so.
sunscreens give users a false sense of security
treacherous; unfaithful.
a false lover
They had been travelling on false British and Irish passports when they were arrested on August 11 as they prepared to board a flight to Paris.
Welcome to the idiosyncratic world of Boothby Graffoe - the guitarist comic who lulls his audience into a false sense of security before jolting them with well-aimed barbs.
Yet this merely lulls you into a false sense of security, as you imagine you are about to be taken on a trip down memory lane.
A bag stuffed with fake passports and false IDs found abandoned near Heathrow airport may be linked to West Yorkshire.
This horrifying phenomenon has yet to reach the UK, but there is little doubt that prime-time television coverage of plastic surgery is lulling the public into a false sense of security.
And as Mr Mayhew was aware of the defect, and was hoping to take advantage of the landlords' mistake, he lulled them into a false sense of security by not taking this point.
Officers at the airport discovered 5.5kg of cocaine worth €400,000 in the false bottom of a suitcase when they stopped a man on Thursday evening.
He admitted helping people to get hold of false passports and Sim cards for mobile phones but denied any involvement in the credit card fraud.
On August 8 2000 the Iraqi was deported from Australia and a stamp inside his false passport is evidence of that date of departure.
She gave him a false smile and dissolved into a bout of strong tears, overwhelmed with emotion of such change that had taken place and yearning for her real home, the home she belonged in.