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fallow / пар, земля под паром, вспашка под пар
имя существительное
steam, vapor, fallow, fume, exhalation, lea
земля под паром
вспашка под пар
имя прилагательное
вспаханный под пар
unploughed, unplowed, fallow
uncultivated, untilled, fallow, virgin, waste, wild
вспахивать под пар
пахать под пар
поднимать пар
имя прилагательное
(of farmland) plowed and harrowed but left unsown for a period in order to restore its fertility as part of a crop rotation or to avoid surplus production.
incentives for farmers to let the land lie fallow in order to reduce grain surpluses
(of a sow) not pregnant.
I would have a couple of fallow pigs for big celebrations, and a few chickens scratching around on the ground and roosting on my porch.
имя существительное
a piece of fallow or uncultivated land.
Other field work includes spraying for weeds in wheat, disking wheat stubble for summer fallow , preparing seedbed for spring seeded crops like proso millet and planting irrigated corn.
a pale brown or reddish yellow color.
Pure bischofite crystals are aquatic-transparent, but may also be of white, rose and fallow colour depending on impurities.
leave (land) fallow.
If sufficient soil water is available the following spring, corn could be planted or if moisture is limited, the field could be fallowed and winter wheat could be planted in the fall.
Its wood, which is very heavy and of a fallow colour, has the grain and smell of ebony.
If there is little or no crop residue, such as when the previous crop was removed for hay or silage, it won't work well to use herbicide for weed control for the entire fallow period.
A resurgence in fur wearing in the 1980s - after a relatively fallow period of animal cruelty for the sake of fashion - galvanised the anti-fur lobby into one of its most successful campaigns.
The current levels of expenditure were not reduced, because farmers were compensated with income supports, including set-aside payments for leaving cultivated land to lie fallow .
You do go through fallow periods but my energy is great at the moment.
The bigger question is, how the hell can a company like Warner Bros. continue to allow their biggest feature franchises to lie fallow year after year after year.
He said: ‘We have been in a fallow period until now but we are moving up a gear in the autumn.’
Another local farmer, David Wagers, changed the rotations on his 6,000-acre farm from a wheat / fallow rotation partly because of the research coming from Akron.
There are other practices known to store carbon, including minimizing or eliminating fallow , planting winter cover crops, and maintaining buffer zones.
Wormers must now record their daily haul, and they are required to harvest the worms on a rotational basis, leaving some beaches to lie fallow for a season.