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falling-out / ссора, несогласие
имя существительное
quarrel, row, altercation, contention, bickering, falling-out
dissent, negative, noncompliance, incompliance, rent, falling-out
имя существительное
a quarrel or disagreement.
the two of them had a falling-out
Washington's decision to send its own inspectors raises the possibility of a falling-out with Britain
She gets married abruptly, then abruptly widowed, then she has an abrupt falling-out with her nephew, and so on.
She told several New York newspapers that her fiancé has been falsely accused, calling it a, quote, ‘personal vendetta,’ adding that the two had a falling-out at work.
The exact nature of the falling-out remains uncertain but Mandaric appears to believe that he can run the club with another coach.
the two of them had a falling-out
the two of them had a falling-out
There have been fallings-out between them before, visceral back-biting and stand-up rows that are often settled long before they enter the public domain.