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fallback / отступление, резерв, выпадение
имя существительное
retreat, deviation, departure, digression, fallback, retirement
reserve, stockpile, fund, store, fallback
prolapse, fall, prolapsus, fallback, dropping-out
имя существительное
an alternative plan that may be used in an emergency.
teaching was a last resort, a fallback
a reduction or retreat.
the offering will hit the market after a fallback from record highs
If that technique, if that strategy, doesn't work, the fallback plan would be taking my major priorities and turning them into initiatives and going directly to the people.
the offering will hit the market after a fallback from record highs
I wouldn't recommend this as a strategy, but it sure looks like a joyful fallback plan!
There was this scholarship, which I did eventually win, but I had a secret fallback plan if I hadn't have won the scholarship -
However, a spokesman for Edinburgh's Lothian Road institution pointed out that the drop in reserves merely reflected the fallback in the stock market.
The plan hadn't gone well at all and the four had been forced to resort to their fallback plan.
Make sure you have a fallback plan in case something goes terribly wrong
After sustained increases in support from an 8% base at the 2002 general election, it has recorded a fallback for the first time, seeing its support drop by one point to 11%.
compulsory powers should be retained as a fallback
teaching was a last resort, a fallback