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fallacy / заблуждение, ошибочность, ошибка
имя существительное
error, delusion, fallacy, mistake, wrong, aberration
wrong, fallacy, fallibility, falsity, falseness, fallaciousness
error, mistake, fault, flaw, fallacy, miscarriage
имя существительное
a mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound argument.
the notion that the camera never lies is a fallacy
Much of the argument against free trade is based upon a fallacy that confuses costs and wealth.
the potential for fallacy which lies behind the notion of self-esteem
As a production-oriented ideology, communism was based upon the fallacy of production itself being the ultimate purpose of economic activity.
Both writers fall into the same fallacy - basing their objections on feelings or personal experience rather than empirical evidence.
But this is based on a fallacy - that the Tories support free markets across the board.
This fallacy is based on the misconception that the Holy Prophet was ordered to be obeyed in his capacity of a ruler, and not in the capacity of a prophet or messenger.
This latest attempt to discredit Rice and Bush is based on the fallacy that because the administration was pushing hard for missile defense it must not have been taking terrorism seriously enough.
The love it vs. leave it remark is based on a fallacy - that if you disagree with a certain policy, you must not love your country.
I was under the impression that this was a forum where political issues could be discussed rationally: if you want me to be pedantic and point out every logical fallacy in every reply I've received then I'll do that.
Your argument is still emotional, and still rooted purely in logical fallacy .