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fake / подделка, фальшивка, липа
имя существительное
fake, forgery, counterfeit, falsification, fraud, imitation
fake, fabrication, flam, stumer
linden, lime, fake, counterfeit, stumer, lime-tree
falsify, fake, adulterate, doctor, gerrymander, sophisticate
forge, fake, imitate, counterfeit, falsify, tamper
pretend, sham, play, simulate, fake, act
имя прилагательное
not genuine; counterfeit.
fake designer clothing
имя существительное
a thing that is not genuine; a forgery or sham.
the painting was a fake
forge or counterfeit (something).
the woman faked her spouse's signature
Tom Cruise went off on a fake reporter for a new British prank show, after the reporter allegedly doused the movie star with a squirt gun disguised as a microphone.
Each year dozens of newspapers around the country parrot the report's fake pollution claims without any critical review.
Successful carriers head to cities like Vienna or Amsterdam to exchange fake bills for genuine euros or to secure loans they have no intention of repaying.
The book treated in colourful detail the supposed survival into modern times of dinosaurs and ape-men - and included a tantalising line about bones being as easy to fake as a photograph.
All his life, Frank fought neo-Nazi claims that the diary was a fake .
His son, Gary, who initially said the signatures on the documents were his father's, now claims that the memos are fake .
The labels on the men's fake designer T-shirts mock their desperate circumstances.
Benjamin dupes the canny general with fake prisoners, thereby gaining release of about 20 of his followers being held for execution.
His television work was a pseudo surreal spin on the fake accent as humor.
The ball was a fake , she claimed, as she had the real one right there next to her in her Dallas home.