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faithful / верный, точный, преданный
имя прилагательное
right, true, faithful, loyal, correct, certain
accurate, exact, precise, just, precision, faithful
devoted, dedicated, faithful, loyal, devout, true
religious, faithful
orthodox, faithful
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
loyal, constant, and steadfast.
he exhorted them to remain faithful to the principles of Reaganism
having a strong belief in a particular religion, especially Islam.
The responsibilities of the papacy today are daunting, and all realize that the bishop of Rome needs the prayers of the faithful .
true to the facts or the original.
the rugs they make today remain faithful to their ancestors' methods
But despite all this augmentation, the text remains surprisingly faithful to the original.
We also learn that George III was ‘a genuinely faithful spouse… devoted to his fifteen children’.
This wholeness is about community, the community of the faithful that forms the church.
Madame Wu is a faithful wife, producing heirs for the Wu family and controlling the house staff with skill and efficiency.
Four percent say pets are more faithful than friends and 2 percent agree they are more reliable than their parents.
Viewers know that Pembleton is a faithful husband with no sexual interest in the woman.
I knew when I got home I'd find her, my faithful wife, tearfully afraid I would not return, waiting for me.
Winner of many international prizes, Stanev has built a considerable reputation on his faithful re-interpreting of the staple classical repertoire.
All your friends may not be as reliable or faithful as you expect.
It was the quietest of triumphs, and in this it remained faithful to the coach's idea of a truly worthy basketball performance.